Get Started

Before using my plugin you must the documentation of at least watch this Get Started video or read this text carefully. After installing my plugin you need to follow below step: Step 1: If your website is new and you will not use any of the previously uploaded images from your media library to my …

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Slider and Carousel

Album Gallery Pro version has 2 types of gallery gallery slider. Full Width Slider Gallery Carousel Full Width Slider: Gallery Carousel: Where id is Album id. You can get the id from All Album section inside wp-admin dashboard. id is required to load gallery for specific album. You can add single or multiple album id …

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Display gallery – (Free)

Album Gallery free version has single type of gallery with 2-6 column layout. Free version only support pagination and Pro version support infinite scroll image loading. 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column Default Gallery by album ID: If you want to load gallery for specific album you can pass id number. …

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Display album – (Free)

Album Gallery free version has single types of album layout. Basic Layout Album Shortcode: Toddler (11)Birds (10)Ocean Fish (10)African Animals (10)Landscape (10)Drinks (7)Flower (13)Cars (11)Tiger (6)Dieago Jim (10)12› Note: You can change the image_number to any number. This is the number of album to be loaded in each page.

Masonry Gallery

Masonry layout will show images of actual landscape and portrait picture perfectly. Masonry Gallery Pagination Shortcode:  112 5 117 3 76  46 2 28 1 25  16 1 16  14  14  12 1 51  27 1 19  11  5  7  7  4  5 12345›» Masonry Gallery Infinite scroll Shortcode:  112 5 117 3 76  46 2 28 1 25  16 1 16  14  14  12 1 51  27 1 19  11  5  7  7  4  5  Masonry full width, no gap Infinite scroll Shortcode:  112 5 117 3 76  46 2 28 1 25  16 1 16  14  14 


You can change the color, style, background from Album Gallery Options. Go to Settings -> Album Gallery Options -> Style Options and change whatever style you want.

Add image content

When you upload images you can see the image title, caption, description in the right side. Fill up with right content.

Upload images

To add new album and image gallery please go to wp-admin -> Add new album, give a title and click add media to upload images. You can upload multi images at a time and can use wordpress built in drag and drop image uploader.

Display album

Album Gallery has 2 different types of album layout. Hover effect Timeline view Hover effect has 2 type of pagination. 1. Pagination button 2. Infinite scroll Album Infinite Shortcode: Toddler (11)Birds (10)Ocean Fish (10)African Animals (10)Landscape (10) Album Pagination Shortcode: Toddler (11)Birds (10)Ocean Fish (10)African Animals (10)Landscape (10) Album Timeline Shortcode: 11 images2021Feb, 141 year10 …

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